I Surrender

It is with a heavy heart and sincere regrets that I announce that I am shutting down the Silly Blog and will be joining the ranks of the self-promoting brethren of the Bar on television, radio and billboards, etc.

1.     I have cashed in my 401(K) retirement fund and am committed to beating the Boys from Birmingham at their own game by opening up a satellite office in the Magic City (Birmingham) with ten associates and will be putting up two hundred billboards in the Birmingham area with my smiling old face and a young attractive female associate with a gleaming set of teeth.  Also I do not intend to say that I am a Tennessee lawyer with a license to practice in Alabama on my billboards.

2.    I also have decided to create a new firm motto in the advertisements such as “You Gotta Get Jerry.”  I’ve got about a thirty year head start on the nice looking reverend who took over the motto while I was busy representing thousands of clients in court during my fifty-three years as a lawyer.

3.    My alternative website will be “The Outsider” not to be mistaken for the agile tractor-trailer climbers, “The Insiders.”  As a fifty-one year member of the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association, president in 1978, political action committee chairman for 10-15 years, LIFT member for over forty years and sponsor of a law school scholarship for descendants of TTLA members, etc. I believe I have earned the title of “The Outsider” since the “truthinlawyeradvertising blog” has been banned from the organizations list serve because of criticism of the few members who spend large amounts in advertising that benefit their small minority but adversely affect the 99% of lawyers who get their business the old way-----results, referrals from other lawyers, satisfied clients and overall good reputation.

            APRIL FOOL!  The Silly Blog will continue!  With a little help of the 5,000 individuals who have read the blog and are willing to ask their friends, clients, and relatives to send it to others who might in at least one case assure the public that we are attempting to make certain that clients get full compensation because they hire a lawyer or law firm that will fight on their behalf in their best interests rather than paying for self-serving lawyer advertisements!

I encourage you to buy local products and hire local, reputable attorneys!

How Low Will They Go?

Monday, January 21, is a national holiday celebrating the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the giants in the civil rights movement.  Courthouses, post offices and my business are closed in recognition of Dr. King’s life.  Yet on Saturday, January 19, 2019, I received an email from an entity called Law Practice CLE announcing their “Martin Luther King Day Special” that ended on January 21, 2019, and gave a 15% discount on “All Law Practice CLE Courses” with the coupon code “DREAM!”

            This opening announcement was followed by a listing of ninety-eight (98) “Self-Study Courses Available” beginning alphabetically with “A Complete Guide to Reliable Living Traits” and ending with “Setting A Winning Law Firm Internet Strategy in 2018.”

            It closes with the pitch that “Law practice CLE is a national continuing legal education company designed to provide education on current trending issues in the legal world to judges, attorneys, paralegals, and other entrusted business professional.

            The obvious lack of taste in their commercial advertisement involving a national holiday is comparable to the minority lawyer advertisers who engage in deceptive tactics well beyond what was intended in Justice Blackmon’s limited opinion in 1978 allowing self-promoting of their legal services.

I encourage you to buy local products and hire local, reputable attorneys!