How To Get a Lawyer

A rather unusual answer to the radio, television, billboard, direct mail and website, etc. solicitation advertisements was made by USA Today billionaire columnist Ken Fisher on Monday, March 4, 2019, on the above question.  Although much of what he says is not directly related to the question of how to select a lawyer from the endless bombardment of self-promoting personal injury lawyers described in the media he does make a good comparison and suggestions for lawyer selection.  

            Mr. Fisher makes some rather pertinent comments about the process of choosing a lawyer to represent you in a legal matter:

1.     “In decades overseeing dispute resolution at my firm, the worst litigation advice I’ve gotten come from lawyers who weren’t actual trial lawyers.  They think they know but don’t----like some bloody textbook oral surgeon----Ignore them its bloody!”

2.    “Search online for, ‘How to find a good trial lawyer.’”

3.    “Ask for ten names from the local bar association who handle the type of case you are involved in and another ten names of lawyers by recommendation of friends or relatives that you trust to give you an honest opinion.” (First ten may be questionable)

4.    “Meet with the lawyers you are considering to hire.  Ask how they get started, their experience, chair experience and examples of their experience” (Also check out their claimed experience).

5.    “If your lawyer candidate doesn’t warn you how suing can backfire, run!”

6.    “If they claim they are the best around, they aren’t!”

7.     If their goal is extorting a pre-trial settlement go elsewhere and find a lawyer who is willing, if needed, to go all the way to a final judgment.  Good ones will!

            Mr. Fisher closes with what should be the number one maxim for all attorneys:     “Never lie.  Judges really hate combatant lies.”

            These comments from the successful founder of Fisher Investments, a nationally recognized investment firm, number 200 on the Forbes 400 richest Americans are also applicable to legal practitioners in any field of law and should be followed. 

I encourage you to buy local products and hire local, reputable attorneys!