Hire Local Attorneys

Merchants in the southeast Tennessee and northwest Georgia markets are always urging the public to “Buy Local.”

            Whether you are referring to buying produce, tangible goods such as an automobile or hiring a law firm to represent the legal interest of you or a loved one, the same principle should apply.

            There are between 1,000-1,500 attorneys within a fifty mile radius of Chattanooga.

            The vast majority of them do not claim to be “Board Certified,” “Experts” in tractor trailer or motorcycle or asbestos cases and represent that they have obtained a certain amount of money for their clients in settlements (few of the social media advertisers even claim to have won a big judgment in a jury trial).

            Local attorneys likewise do not have expensive advertising budgets that they have to pay for such as radio, television, website, billboard, telephone book and other forums of advertisements in the social media.

            Yet that same majority of local lawyers are certainly capable of resolving your case just as well as the self-appointed advertising superstars!

            A war is going on between the local and out-of-state advertising law firms.  They are spending larger amounts to compete with their competition.

            Ask yourself the following questions before you select a law firm to represent you in a case:

1.     Does the size of their advertising budget cause the law firm to settle your case for less than full value?

2.     Are they really qualified to handle your case with a record of jury verdicts going up against tough and well financed lawyers that represent insurance companies?

3.     Discuss your case with a local lawyer that doesn’t advertise on radio, television, or billboards.

            Talk to several local attorneys before you select one to handle your case.  Do not commit to signing a contract of employment before you hire an attorney.